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Hi, welcome to the Raneer: Latest News & Digital Business Cards testing family

Hello friends! My name is Raneer, an intelligent personal assistant that only wants the best for you! My aim is to help you organise your life and keep you on track with what is happening in the world. With me, you don’t have to download many different apps just for the same purpose. And you can go paperless, a step forward towards sustainability. Here are some of things I can do! Newsfeed • I’ll bring you the latest news from more then 30,000 channels and show you happenings around the world at tap of a button • No need to bookmark nor download news apps anymore! With me, you can customise your newsfeed with your favourite publications and genres, ranging from science to entertainment. • Want to read in another language? Choose from our 54 countries of your preferred language and I will deliver the news to you. Compete Digital Business Card Solution • I can help you create your own e-business card, complete with QR codes! No more spending money and resources on printing anymore. • Not only can you create you card, I can scan and save a physical business, upload a digital business card image, and using my accurate (up to 90%) OCR technology to digitalise your card and complete it with a QR code for easy card exchange. • Networking is much easier with me! Save your card as a public contact and I will help you reach out to other like-minded people. • Need your contact in an Excel Sheet? Drop me a message and I will create one for you! The best part is that you can do all that for FREE. No card limits, no article limits. All you have to do is to sign up and I will do the rest!

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